Here is what our clients have to say about us.

Patricia is a good listener, able to tell others what they need to hear instead of telling what they want to hear in order to help them facilitate change

Michael James

We were able to talk together and I felt that you believed in me. This was my starting point, as I’ve never had this before.


“I have gained an enormous amount of growth. My counsellor has supported me through this process. Thank you.”

Client 5

“Counselling for me has been an eye opener. I feel like I am a different person, more open, I feel different, I an no longer in the dark. I can see the light.”

Client 4

“I have avoided dealing with the loss of my mum, it was difficult to go through the pain. You have supported me through, I am beginning to feel much better.”


“I was angry at my partner leaving me for someone else. I felt useless, and a failure. I started counselling to work through my anger and my sense of uselessness. You have helped me to see that it was about the way that I think that has caused me to feel that way. I now have a new way of viewing and which has helped me to value myself.”


“My counsellor has helpd me to stop being angry.”

Client 3

“Before I came to see you I felt angry all the time. You helped me to use my anger in a good ways.”

Client 2

“I was afraid of the counselling. I took the plunge, I have gained an enormous amount of growth, by being in counselling. You have supported me through this processĀ  thank you.”

Client 1

“We are able to talk together, I feel that you believe me and that was my starting point. Someone believed me. I have not had that before.”