Integrative Therapy

It is an approach that is design to suit your personal needs as well as your challenges. Pearlie Care unifies different psychotherapeutic approaches and use them in an integrative way to support you to explore your challenges should you decide that this is the approach that you would like. We would work together to enable you to face life in a more balanced and productive way.

We  will support you to function at your mental, physical and emotional best. We will help you build a therapeautic relationship which will enable you to be heard and will enable you to explore your past experiences and see to observe how they affect your present state. We will challenge your thinking which will help you to change your behaviour, and develop tools to help you to be more aware of your thoughts and feelings.

We can work with you to bring the different parts of yourself together i.e. mind, body emotions, spirituality and social status. You will be supported to set goals that would help you become freerer and happier an be able to face life in a more open and receptive way.

“The creative adult is the child who survived”. – Maya Angelou

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