Types of Therapy

We at Pearlie specialise in many areas of counselling, to help you with feelings such as:

I felt anger when my partner left me for someone else. I felt useless and a failure.”

I have avoided dealing with the loss of my Mum for so long. It was too difficult to go through the pain.”

I will never see her again. I have no mummy. I am sad and will never smile again.”

Play Therapy

Children, adlosencents and adults can use play to deal with issues. Pearlie Care provides the opportunity for you to play and develop tools for healing. We recognise that more tools you have the better you can adjust and deal with change. We provide a safe space to play and practise using the play medias to… Continue reading Play Therapy

Art Therapy

Pearlie care encourages the use of artistic methods of communicating. When words fail you, there is the opportunity to include play or art into your sessions if you deem it necessary. We use puppets, painting, sculptures figures, figurines or even a simple drawing to express your feelings. We aim to examine the resulting pieces of… Continue reading Art Therapy

Cognitive Therapy

The way we think often leads to changes in our behaviour, Pearlie care cognitive therapy tends to look at or to identify your issues and where they began – in your thoughts. We look to address any skewed ways of thinking that may be occurring, and eventually help you to replace them with healthier, or… Continue reading Cognitive Therapy

Person Centered Therapy

It is known as client-centered counselling and is Humanistic. It is based on specific set attitudes, values and philosophies which can be used in any setting where client growth and development is involved. Pearlie Care offers Person Centered Counselling. We offer a place of building and being in a relationship with our clients. Our deepest… Continue reading Person Centered Therapy

Integrative Therapy

It is an approach that is design to suit your personal needs as well as your challenges. Pearlie Care unifies different psychotherapeutic approaches and use them in an integrative way to support you to explore your challenges should you decide that this is the approach that you would like. We would work together to enable… Continue reading Integrative Therapy